Pankreas Klinik Schweiz

The patient is the center
of our attention

Patients suffering from pancreatic disease receive comprehensive and individual support in the treatment of the disease. Diagnostics, surgery, conservative treatment, nutritional counseling and socio-medical care are discussed and coordinated within the team - for the benefit of the patient.

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The team of the Pancreas Clinic Switzerland

Know-how and an interdisciplinary team

The Pancreas Clinic Switzerland is part of an international network of similar institutes. We are therefore aware of all the innovations and developments in the field of pancreatic diseases that are being made worldwide.

If a new therapy or better medication is developed, our patients quickly benefit from this therapeutic progress.

At the Pancreas Clinic Switzerland, an experienced and interdisciplinary team of specialists led by Prof. Kaspar Z'graggen guarantees the best possible treatment results.

Cooperation with the Hirslanden Klinik Beau-Site

Right next to the Pancreas Clinic Switzerland in the House of Rodt is the leading private clinic Beau-Site, which is characterised by specialised, medical expertise. Renowned specialists, modern technology and individual care enable first-class medicine and care. 

The clinic runs the two largest extra-university centres of their kind in the Espace Mitteland: the Bern Heart Centre and the Beau-Site Visceral Surgery Centre, which also treats challenging pancreatic diseases. 

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House of Roth and Hirslanden Clinic Beau-Site

Humanity and warmth

Our nursing staff also play an important role in the provision of top medical services. Thanks to the commitment, humanity and warmth they show to our patients every day, patients can spend their stay in hospital as pleasantly as possible.

We are pleased to help!

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