Pankreas Klinik Schweiz

Best treatment for
our patients

All the efforts of the Pancreas Clinic Switzerland are aimed at ensuring that patients receive the best possible treatment and, where necessary, that they have a pleasant stay at the clinic.

On the sub-pages in this section we present the procedure for a surgical intervention in seven steps. It is important to us to familiarise you as a patient and the people you care for with the procedure, so that you feel well taken care of.

In professional hands

  • Experienced radiologists can diagnose accurately at an early stage using modern cutting-edge technology.
  • Specialised endoscopically experienced doctors carry out the usual examination methods. Bile and pancreatic ducts are examined diagnostically and therapeutic interventions are performed if necessary.
  • A globally trained team of surgeons routinely performs difficult operations.
  • Anaesthetists and intensive care specialists guide our patients through the operation, the post-operative phase and are responsible for the optimal management of pain.
  • Gastroenterology-specialised internists help with diagnostics and treat patients without surgery if possible, after surgery if necessary and help with disease management.
  • Diabetologists and our internists support patients suffering from diabetes and train them in metabolic management.
  • Oncologists work hand in hand with radiotherapists for tumour patients.
    Pain therapists help with severe pain conditions that cannot be influenced by surgery.

The information brochure for download