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2. Inter­pro­fessional

In order to prepare you optimally for the upcoming operation, you and your relatives will take part in further consultations with your treatment team after the informative talk with the surgeon.

Nurse practitioner

During the consultation, the nurse practitioner will explain the hospital procedure to you and will inform you about possible lifestyle changes. It is important to us that you can ask questions and raise concerns, as the diagnosis of pancreatic disease and its possible consequences raise questions and uncertainties for most people affected and their relatives.

The nurse practitioner will look after you throughout your stay in hospital within the framework of her extended knowledge and skills. She is in close contact with the surgeon and is in daily exchange with all disciplines involved, such as specialists in general internal medicine, the nursing staff or the nutritionist. This means that you receive comprehensive, interprofessional treatment.

Psychological counselling

In addition to the consultation with the nurse practitioner, you will have a consultation with the psychologist of the Swiss Pancreas Clinic directly afterwards. Beside a presentation of the services offered, your needs and concerns will be discussed.

Nutritional counselling / diabetes counselling

You will then meet with your nutritionist. During this initial consultation, she will show you the possible nutritional changes caused by the pancreas operation. You will also receive initial dietary recommendations for the time before and during your stay in hospital.

Depending on the operation, a consultation with the diabetes advisor will take place afterwards. 

Our nurse practitioners

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Jana Pensa

Clinical treatment specialist visceral surgery

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Laura Züttel

Clinical treatment specialist visceral surgery

Gladly here for you!

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Rahel Sager

Assistant Surgeon

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Lic. phil.
Nathalie Weber

Specialist Psychologist for Psychotherapy FSP Psychooncologist FSP / SGPO