The Beau-Site Clinic belongs to the Hirslanden Group, a leading chain of private hospitals in Switzerland and well known for its competent and specialised health care. Renowned specialists and state-of-the-art medical technology, such as Robotic Surgery procedures, combined with first class, personalized attention, guarantee high quality medical and personalised care. Centrally located in Berne, Switzerland, the hospital offers a magnificent view of the alps and the historical town centre.

The focus of Beau-Site Clinic is on highly specialised medical services and procedures. The Clinic leads the two largest non-university specialized treatment centers of central Switzerland: HerzZentrum Bern, treating heart disease and the Berner Viszeralchirurgiecentre, specialising in selective treatments of complex pancreatic disorders. Furthermore, the Beau-Site Clinic is the leading referral clinic of Switzerland for weight loss surgery and surgical intervention for obesity. Further important fields include thoracic surgery, urology and neurosurgery.