The purpose of the Swiss Pancreas Center is to offer our patients our Know-How and years of experience with an interdisciplinary approach together with the Hirslanden Group of Private Hospitals.

At the Swiss Pancreas Center a large team of specialists guarantee the best possible results.

The Swiss Pancreas Center is part of an international network of similar institutes. It is, therefore, up-to-date on all reforms and developments in the sector of pancreatic diseases worldwide.

As soon as a new therapy or improved medication becomes available, our patients can benefit from these, without loss of time.

The Patient is the Center of our Attention

A patient suffering from a pancreatic disease will get extensive support during the treatment of his or her illness. Diagnosis, surgery, traditional treatment, even nutritional advice and social medical care are all discussed and coordinated in a team for the best benefit of the patient.

• With the help of modern state-of-the-art technology, experienced radiologists can make an exact early stage diagnosis.

• Doctors well-versed in endoscopic procedures use the usual examination methods. Bile and pancreas ducts are assessed and therapeutic operations, if necessary, are performed.

• An internationally-trained team of surgeons perform complex surgery on a routine basis.

• Anesthetists and intensive care specialists guide our patients through surgery and the phase following surgery, and are responsible for optimal pain management.

• Internists specialized in gastroenterology assist with the diagnosis and treatment of the patients, if possible without surgery. They will also provide post-operative assistance and help the patients to come to terms with their disease.

• Diabetes specialists and our internists offer support to patients suffering from diabetes and educate them in dealing with their metabolism and in nutritional matters.

• Oncologists work in close association with radiotherapist in the therapy of tumor patients.

• Pain therapists help with patients’ severe pain conditions which cannot be alleviated by surgery.